Our organization aiming at producing modern desing in globalizing World markets using state of the art technology and it has targeted at improvement and innovations since the day has founded.

We first set up as the manufacturer pf plstic forms and continued as a manufacturer in plastic sector and finaly as a silicone products manufacturer.İt has demonstrated a consintent growth development and attached great importance to Research and Development .

Although it has produced a variety of products in the sector ,it is know as the creator of the origanals.İt is now only Turkish manufacturer producing high quality silicone products (Child care products silicone -based kitchen utensil and the like)

Having been certificated by official institutions for the orginal products in which we achieved , we now aim at beeing the innovator of original desing in more product in which we use the silicone technology in the best and most efficient way possible.

The major principle of PDS ,as the Pionner of the innovitions in the sector, is to produce relieble and practical products within its philosophy of qality Quality Production.

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